What if you could write content that gets more traffic than you ever imagined?

With Writing Wizardry, we're taking the guesswork out of blog research. You'll learn exactly how to find the right topics and keywords to focus your content around.

You'll be able to determine exactly what your target audience is searching for online — so you can deliver accordingly, with blogs that rank high in search engines and drive tons of traffic.


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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome! Start here

    • A Quick Introduction

  • 2

    Topic Research

    • Google Hacks, Pt. 1

    • Google Hacks, Pt. 2

    • The Front Page of the Internet

    • Neil Knows All

    • A Place to Gain Knowledge

    • What All the Buzz is About

    • Follow the Trends

    • Go Ask Jeff

    • A Hub for Blog Topics

    • Dig Into Your Toolkit

  • 3

    Keyword Research

    • A Bottomless Pit of Data

    • Keywords are Everywhere

    • Go Back to Your Toolbox

  • 4

    Bonus Lessons!

    • User Intent

    • Google - Featured Snippets

Tell me if this sounds like you.

You spend hours creating amazing content... but no one ever clicks on it.

It doesn't matter what you write about or how long your blogs are. People just don't seem to care.

You feel like you're drowning in Google, lost in all the competition and saturation.

Wouldn't it be cool to know how to write so that you can stand out?

That's exactly why I created Writing Wizardry.

In this mini-course, you'll learn about one of the most important steps in writing blogs: research. I'll show you how to zero in on the topics and keywords that give you the best chance to win on search engines.


Now only $25!

In Writing Wizardry, you'll learn how to:

  • Research topics using a number of tools and determine which one will perform the best for you.
  • Research keywords with a simple method and narrow down what will make you the most visible in search engines.
  • Combine the art of writing with a little science and math, for stellar results.

Right now, you're struggling to get people to see and read your blogs.

Imagine if you knew how to get in front of more people — people who are looking for exactly what you're writing about.

Guess what? This course will show you how.


Now only $25!

Your Teacher

Megan Grant


Megan Grant

Megan started writing professionally over 10 years ago and went from burned out freelancer to six-figure business owner. Now, she teaches content creators and content marketers to build their own empires.

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What Writing Wizardry Covers

Topic Research

Learn 10 different ways to find relevant, engaging, high-traffic blog topics to write about.

Keyword Research

Understand exactly what keyword you're looking for and how to find it.

User Intent

Learn my simple trick for determining what content that ranks on Page 1 of Google needs to look like.


Now only $25!


Q: I’m not tech-savvy. Will I still be able to get through Writing Wizardry?  

A: Yes! In fact... I'm not tech-savvy at all. And the way I teach makes it realistic to see results, without needing to be a tech expert.

Q. Do I need to purchase any special tools or software after I enroll?  

A: Just about everything I'll show you, you can do for free.

There is one tool I recommend that I find incredibly valuable. It's $10.

Q. How do I get access to the mini-course?

Once you enroll, you get immediate lifetime access. The program is self-paced. You can go through it whenever you, as many times as you want, and as fast or slow as you want.

Q. Who is this for?

Writing Wizardry is for anyone who creates blogs — whether you blog for fun, you're a writer trying to sell your services, or you're a small business owner who's managing your blog yourself. If you write blogs, this is for you.

Refund Policy 

Due to the digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. 

Imagine where you could in the coming weeks and months.

You could be writing content that ranks on Page 1 of Google.

You could have tens of thousands of people (if not more) reading your work. You could finally be getting the exposure and recognition you want.

The good news? The steps are already laid out for you. But it’s not going to happen on its own. 

Take action.


Now only $25!